What are ElemenTS & ComP-OuNDS?

Oh… What a fun post this could be if we just answered the questions as they are! What is an element? What are compounds? Ok… Maybe the nerdly me would think it would be fun to focus on the two topics. But… My Summer students caught me off guard yesterday…because I forgot what ComP-OuNDS stood for at the moment I was asked. My mind went BLANK. I could get some letters but others I just did not have a clue at that moment. Worse yet, my student, the cookie enthusiast, looked yesterday on the site to see if he could find what it stood for either and NO LUCK.

WHAT?!? I don’t even have it posted for you to know what it means either?!?

Well… I’m here to rectify the situation!!!!

You ready? 🙂

ElemenTS: Elementary Teachers of Science

ComP-OuNDS: Communication Partnerships – Opportunities for Negotiation and Delivery of Science

If you want to read more about how the two research ideas kind of morphed to what it is today, click this link About or click the about tab at the top of the page.

Sorry about my slip!


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