Explore Phase: Take pictures of animals…

Yesterday, the group running class (see pic below) were asked to develop a short presentation on the Explore Phase. The project involved students in a scavenger hunt around campus to take pictures of animals. Students uploaded pictures to a class Instagram account (@teac.315) as they found examples of animals. We were all giggling about the different pictures and captions the groups were taking real-time. Bonus: it was quite amazing to see where students were going to get the pictures… (Morrill Hall (science museum), all over campus). Here are a few of the students’ pictures… For more follow us on Instagram @teac.315.


Bugslife premating

Upon completing the activity, the group leaders engaged their classmates in discussing “why they thought that picture was an animal?” This simple 20 minute activity engaged students in deeper understanding of understanding what makes an animal an animal. Students discussed behaviors of animals (see: #premating) along with why were insects and humans considered animals.

I really liked how the group: engaged the class in exploring animals using technology and rolled with the punches as classmates provided pictures that made us discuss why is that an animal.  Nice!



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