Nano & The Curriculum

2015-06-10 14.23.15 2015-06-10 14.43.14

The TEAC 315 course focused on nano-science to connect science to real-world applications…

The students worked to understand nano-science ideas by creating a unit for teaching these science curriculum topics: magnets, human body, electricity, properties of matter, properties of materials, water, light, and energy. Each group developed 3 lessons and modified (to varying degrees) a nano-science activity to teach in a local summer school. The activities ranged from determining how to treat lung cancer to looking at nano-material (ferrofluid, sunscreen and more). Let me tell you I was impressed with what the students were able to accomplish in 4 weeks of lessons. And more importantly, I think they were extremely impressed with their lessons as well. The children they taught were begging for more science each and every day.


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