3D printing and the elementary classroom

Earlier this fall I was able to purchase a 3D printer to use in the elementary classrooms. Let me tell you the kids were all fascinated…


The 6th grade students walked into the classroom and went directly to the printer…


This group was looking at tissue scaffolding and had to use the #engineeringdesign to create a tissue mold using twizzlers. While the students designed their molds, each student was able to come up individually to explore how the 3D printer worked. Each student in this group went home with a 3D little guy…


The 3D printer was also used in the 1st grade classroom. They explored the properties of materials to make a 3D printed heart. IMG_5536

The students compared the “squishy” material at their table to the hard material of the 3D printed heart. We asked them which material would be best for printing a heart. I don’t have a good picture with the children working with the 3D printer, because I was so excited talking with the children that I failed to document the experience. 😦 I plan to get at least one more printer for the spring semester.



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