Social Media to the Professional Setting

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Oh My! So many places to share everything going on in my life with 140 characters more or less… Pics of the cat sleeping! Snow covered trees! My obsession with #DarthVader … While exciting [to me], I recognized early on the potential of these formats to share the message of what does good teaching look like… I have identified three ways in which I interact with social media as a professional…  Continue reading


Pedagogy & Content

By McKenzie Manley

When our group was presented with this idea of teaching science in a CLC after school program we were excited and had a lot of ideas. We were really excited to get to work with these expert engineers and we were excited to get there knowledgeable advice. We wanted to make sure that we incorporated the science content with the activity for the after school club. We decided that we wanted to do something that is interesting and relatable to our students. We also wanted to do something different. Continue reading

Engineering Student’s Perspective of Teaching Science to 2nd – 4th Graders

By Erik Moore

As a Biological Systems Engineering college student I spend most of my time in labs or working on fluid mechanics homework. I have spent countless hours and vast amounts of energy learning about the increasingly difficult courses in engineering. It go to the point that this opportunity, to inspire second and third grade students to learn math and science, was gladly welcomed. Continue reading

Factors to Successful Collaborations

by Kelsey Kinnison

While taking an elementary education science methods course at the University of Nebraska, I had the opportunity to take part in a Lincoln Community Learning Center. The Lincoln CLC consisted of an after school program science club that occurred once a week for five weeks at Huntington Elementary with K-2nd grade students. The following post is about my journey collaboratively working to create and teach a science unit on penguins within a CLC and the knowledge and professional growth I gained from this experience.

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