TEAC 315

This is a course consisting of instructional strategies, curriculum selection and development, student learning, assessment, and classroom management for teaching inquiry-based science in the elementary grades. Content from the three domains of science (life science, physical science, and Earth & space science) will be used as vehicles for learning about teaching science to diverse groups of students. The course aims to develop preservice teachers’ personal teaching philosophies of the nature and importance of science education and how students learn science best according to current educational research findings. The course also emphasizes a practical and reflective approach in how to: (a) develop a scientific classroom discourse community of active learners of science; (b) use and design inquiry-based curricula; and (c) evaluate one’s own instructional practices.

You will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of science content knowledge relevant to Nebraska Standards and appropriate for grade K-6. A variety of science topics will therefore form the context for each lesson. Some of these will be science content knowledge that you have identified as being difficult for you as a learner, others will seek to satisfy the existing public schools’ curriculum or, they might emerge from science content courses in which you are presently enrolled.


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